Ça Joue chocolates are created in our artisanal chocolate laboratory in Val de Bagnes. These are little chocolate pleasures with nutritious ingredients that you can carry in your pocket and which will energize your activities in the mountains.

A choice

We wondered why with chocolates we often had to take a magnifying glass to read the list of ingredients and discover surprising words such as:

We wanted “raw” chocolates without lecithin, without preservatives, without coloring, without GMOs, with non-irradiated ingredients.

so we created the Ça Joue chocolates

In addition to spectacular views, our Vollèges production site benefits from a roof covered with solar panels and therefore renewable energy.

We work with a Swiss family business to process organic cocoa beans which they transform into quality semi-finished cocoa products. Only organic cocoa beans are processed, which excludes any mixing with conventional cocoa. 100% of its electricity needs for its cocoa production comes from renewable energy.


Ça Joue also for the packaging !

The individual cardboard packaging is:

Recyclable - FCS certified, made from wood from responsibly managed forests and mixed with recycled material. Our cardboard packaging does not contain any form of plastic. They can be recycled, decomposed (naturally or industrially), reused.

Carbon neutral: The carbon footprint for the production of our packaging is offset by a credit invested in various green activities around the world via www.climatepartner.com

With ecological inks: Our packaging is printed with inks that do not harm the They are not solvent based and do not evaporate into the atmosphere. Our digital inks are considered eco-friendly.

Disclaimer/mea culpa:
For the interior pockets containing our chocolates, we chose NatureFlex, a film made from compostable wood pulp developed by the Futamura company.
This is indicated on most of our packaging, except we would like to inform you that in the urgency of being re-stocked and with our handicap of not speaking Swiss-German we also received and used a batch of polypropylene pouches , a recyclable but not compostable plastic. We apologize for this and are taking steps to continue with compostable NatureFlex.

Ça Joue c'est tout bon !